“Connect The Dots Looking Backwards In Your Career And Life!”

Evidently losing is very challenging, but when you’re rebuilding professional self, you know you’ll be going through stages, it’s going to be tough, nonetheless if you have the passion, drive, and dedication to succeed, you’re more likely to succeed. A winner is someone who recognizes their true talents, dedicates themselves to develop their talents into true expertise, and uses these expertise to accomplish their aim for success. Being quick or strong will not help you win. Transforming your behaviors with your mind and your expertise are the fundamentals of path to success. You may have the talent, you may know fundamentals, and it’s just about whether you’re going to get superior at what you do. That probably will be the toughest exercise you will face in your career and life success. Leadership is getting colleagues and your team to believe in you. Leadership is paving and pointing the way for a team success, not individual success. That’s the only way you’re going to earn admiration for success. We can make justifications, but if we’re not mentally strong, nor dedicated to build our own destiny, we will not succeed.

Below Are A Few Character Traits of Highly Successful Individuals:

Win Ahead Of Competition – Always explore creative options to be ahead of the curve. An option that allows you to win in sales without actually having to go compete. It’s harder for competition to catch up if you’re always thinking 10 steps ahead.

Calculated Risks – If you never take any chances, it’s almost guaranteed you will have a dull, tedious life. Focus on calculated and factual risks, not what your gut tells you.

Never Lose Small, Focus On Winning Big – Train every thought and next step to minimize your chances to lose. If you don’t train your mind, it’s rare that you will succeed in life. Mostly, rely on positive self-talk. Stay focused on the present-tense, with little concern over what has happened or what will happen next. Instead, concentrate on what you need to do to win the very next point. This is easier written than done, but with practice you will become more comfortable.

Take Control Your Responsibilities – You choose your destiny which will ultimately result in your performance, eventually resulting in you choosing your positive or negative consequences. Every step, every second, and dot you connect looking backwards, you have to believe in the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your passion, even it may sometimes lead you off the well – worn path. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Every day you don’t follow your passion, you’re pushing back your dreams at least 6 months, or even a year.

Line to Success!

Follow Rules, However Also Find Innovative Ways To Find Alternatives To Reach The Same End Result – By not having creative and ingenious thinking, could be a huge detriment to your success. By being trusting enough to trust every person follows the same path to success, will only permit competition to get ahead.

Be the leader. Don’t follow the leader – By structuring your thought to always utilize logic, will make it tougher to succeed to the level that you inspire. Anybody can follow a leader. Anybody can use logic to try and sell, secure clients, or build a business. You will face better chances to succeed only if you develop your thoughts to habitually modify your strategies established on the passionate intellect gathered from successful individuals or mentors.

Professional Appearance – First impressions are everything. You will not always be judged or win a client solely on performance. Everyone likes to work with/do business with people who look professional. It is in our nature as visually driven beings. It provides ease, a sense of trust, and has direct impact on the way others perceive you. It proves success, affects reputation, builds confidence, resulting in the difference in how you hold yourself and present yourself in front of others.

Your Clients’ Success Will Always Result In Your Success – Train yourself and everyone think about things from the customer’s perspective. You always need to prove your worth — day after day, month after month, year after year. Know what it takes to achieve success from your customers’ perspective, not yours.

Emotional Intelligence and Prediction – Start by getting a baseline reading so that you can distinguish personal quirks from real tells. This is a key talent every successful business person retains. When you have a chance to ask questions, be professionally sharp, not ambiguous. Word choice provides insight into what people really mean. Observing children and what they do, whether they lie or are anxious, is the one of the best techniques. Learning to predict others actions before it happens, could be one of your leading success pillars enabling your creative and emotional intelligence. Don’t allow emotions to control you. We must learn to discipline and contain our emotions.

Inner Strength and Confidence – When adversity strikes, that’s when you have to be the utmost calm. Calm mind brings inner strength, self-confidence, professionalism, and most importantly others confidence in your expert abilities.

 Do What You Love Doing – This is one the most important keys to success. Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from being creative or trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be constantly professional, check out your ego, and don’t take anything personal. Do what you love to do and give it your very best. Whether it’s business or life, or any task. If you don’t love what you’re doing and you can’t give it your best, get out of it. Life is too short.

Always Keep The Truth – Lying never protects people. It betrays people. For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth. Our dignity is important and portrays our professionalism in life and business. At the end of every principle, there is promise.

Clear Balance Between Professional Confidence And Arrogance – If you’re good at what you do, there’s no reason you should boast about it. As Larry Bird once quoted: “The best basketball announcer is one who allows you to close your eyes.”

Step Ahead Of Your Competition – This is critical to your success! Know who your competitors are. Find out everything you can about the competition. Develop relationships with your competitors. Be prepared to cooperate and collaborate when necessary. Let your competitors make you better. Resist the urge to compete on price. Focus on value, loyalty, and support. And always be prepared for the competition to try their best to win.

Train Your Thoughts To Think Like A Veteran – Develop relationships with experts in your field, to better yourself as a veteran. You will appreciate the importance of being an expert. Starting from a rookie, to an intermediate, to a pro, the effort at every level will appear tougher. The bigger the opportunity, the greater the challenges you will face. This is where you need to strengthen your emotional intelligence and inner strengths. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Become stronger, and better.

Transitioning Obstacles Into Opportunities – The impediment to action, advances action. What stands in the way, will eventually become the way. Every second counts when an obstacle arises. Every second spent not transitioning an obstacle into an opportunity, it’s time wasted. Every successful individual appreciates when you spend your time intelligently, appreciates every obstacle towards success, and learns to improve.

Loyalty And Dedication – Loyalty has always been a two-way street. If you’re asking for loyalty, you should already be a loyal at heart. Loyalty is the foundation to happiness, life satisfaction, morale and productivity. True loyalty means going the extra mile when it’s needed. Loyalty takes time to build, so be patient and consistent with your efforts, especially at the start of a new business or life relationship.