“Importance Of A Social Leader!”

Social Media is a limitless opportunity to openly interact with clients and is now becoming a must for all executive teams! Whether in Sales, Marketing, Services, or even CEO position, it’s a fact that all internal and external clients cover Social Media as part of their business strategy. Despite any reason, I believe all leaders should be using Social Media as a company’s strategic tool.

The ways companies connect with their clients is changing from traditional call centers to Social Media, web, and mobile. In reality, majority of employees would rather work for a social company and a social leader rather than a non-social one.  Unfortunately, less than 50% of executives use Social Media and even less have an active Social Media profiles.

I believe a social leader is an organizational success factor to provide a positive perception of the company to its employees and specially its clients. For the past several years I’ve proactively used Social Media as a strategic tool to communicate with clients and internal teams which has created tremendous value personally. Consequently, below are a few reasons why every leader should embrace the power of Social Media and its effectiveness.

Social Leader#1: Extend your brand.

Using Social Media to further develop your company’s brand awareness should be one of company’s top priorities and is one of the core building blocks of brand awareness. Millions of people are engaged via Social Media channels such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, and Foursquare every day. Having brand awareness should be a core organizational goal. Without Social Media, your company is left behind in the fundamental marketing channels. There isn’t a single company that isn’t actively involved in Social Media today. One of the best Social Media tools today is @HootSuite (www.hootsuite.com). HootSuite can simply support your organizations to manage, monitor, implement campaigns, and grow audiences effectively across multiple social networks.

#2: Growing Personal and Organizational Networks

Social Media spans across nations and cultures, almost all organizations and people are beginning to adapt to its power. In reality, Social Media’s momentum has been the largest technology innovation since the dot-com. Over 70 percent of people who are connected online use Social Media to communicate and educate themselves which includes millions upon millions of users. Social Media facilitates the mobilization of grass-root movements, specifically among the younger generation.

#3: Creative and Thought Leadership

From a fortress of value, to an ecosystem of value, Social Media has become the new way of building business and your brand. Open collaboration, extending business boundaries, sharing creative ideas, are some of the evidences that Social Media can build solid alliances for the future your businesses. Sharing your thoughts and developing a value-based content helps educate prospects and employees provide a much larger audience than traditional business networking.

#4: Client Engagement and Service

Communication via Social Media is an extremely powerful tool to engage with clients, stakeholders, and the general public. This is an effective medium to share information about services, send motivational and inspirational messages, and to promote a sense of community and safety among public. One of the greatest ways Social Media has helped is by emergency organizations providing updates on natural disasters for the public. This means that in the event of a natural disaster, there is a pivot of information for your loved ones to know where to go and how to meet up once the danger has passed.

#5: Giving Your Company a Positive Identity

Social Media is an exceptional way to build a positive corporate brand and image. By making your company accessible, Social Media can allow you to listen to client feedback and react positively. Most organizations take this valuable client feedback to implement it into their marketing strategy and make them feel like an integral part of its business community. Creating a positive identity can easily identify new clients, prove your company’s innovative perspective, and create motivation and confidence.