Cherian Palayoor – Director, Cyber Security & Compliance

“Shawn is one of those rare Cyber Security Executives whose talent and dedication truly impress you. He is always focused on fostering partnerships, and displays a steadfast commitment to his clients’ success and service delivery. 

Shawn is extremely knowledgeable across the dynamic and highly competitive Cyber Security landscape, and has the know how to make things happen. Shawn has never ceased to amaze me with the knowledge that he always seems to have on his fingertips. He consistently comes across as having done his homework in aligning proposed solutions to our business objectives and thresholds. 

Shawn is a true Cyber Security professional, and I would strongly recommend him as your first point of contact for any InfoSec journey that you are about to embark on.”

Sam Shaabani – Senior Manager, Cyber Security 

I have worked with Shawn Ershad on numerous highly profile projects across Critical Infrastructure, Managed Security, Compliance and recommendation of leading security technologies to ensure our critical assets is protected.

With absolute certainty, I have always found Shawn to be a very knowledgeable as a Cyber Security Expert and a true executive leader. Shawn’s strength is his ability to work with all levels of an organization to translate and align complex Cyber Security concepts with specific business impact and risk tolerance with Board and Executive teams.

With an exceptional knowledge of Cyber Security industry, Creativity, Dedication and Commitment, Shawn is a clearly a solid strategic thinker with excellent sense of the strategies necessary to succeed in a competitive, high-pressure environments. I would highly recommend Shawn as an expert Cyber Security adviser.

Farzad Khosrow-khavar – Chief Technology Officer 

Over the past decade of solid business relationship, Shawn has consistently demonstrated a exceptional talent to overcome technical and sales objections with enterprises to ensure every client expectations are consistently exceeded.

Shawn is a sophisticated, knowledgeable Cyber Security professional that is passionate about Cyber Threat landscape, and fostering C-Level client relationships. Shawn’s presentation skills, subject matter expertise and ability to clearly articulate to Senior Executives in business context are among his many strengths. Whether it was travelling on short notice, or a taking red eye flight, Shawn is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure every client requirement is exceptionally delivered.

Shawn has always been recognized by his peers and clients for his extraordinary performance and support to client success. Shawn as a trusted Cyber Security executive and an extraordinary asset to successfully develop and guide a team within any organization.

Vitaly Poplavsky – Team Lead – Cyber Security

Shawn has the ability to effectively plan and execute complex technical client requirements involving multiple internal and external partners. Shawn provides leadership in continuously creating and managing teams to a successful profitable growth. He recognizes complex client requirements and can clearly articulate in clear business terms to senior executives to simply facilitate a constant interdependent culture between internal and external clients. He is a stimulating source of creative and innovative ideas which brings out the best resources of all parties involved.

There are always a few selected individual in any organization who you can trust to carry the full responsibility creating a collaborative environment and exceed client expectations; Shawn is definitely of those individuals.

Shawn has solid sales leadership skills, professionalism, and drive for client and organizational success makes him shine as a ‘technical” sales executive.

I highly recommend Shawn to any organization seeking to develop fostered relationships with executives to support profitable net new revenues.

Viktoria Boslovyak, PMP, ITIL – IT Project Management Specialist 

I have had the honor of working with Shawn across numerous complex InfoSec projects. In all my interactions, I have seen Shawn execute with distinction. He is a natural born leader, with a knack for understanding different personalities and how to motivate him team to deliver exceptional execution for all his clients.

Shawn’s thoughtful in his style, and understands that there are multiple paths to any successful goal. This allows him to take the personal out of the equation and move all discussion to the intellectually best path. Thus, Shawn motivates and energizes his team and creates an environment where everyone fundamentally thrives for their best.

Shawn’s success has been achieved through his earned respect that comes with a consistent and proven track record of client success. Nothing personifies Shawn more than the image of a proven, known and tested leader. The kind you immediately like to be associated with and lead any team to successful growth.

Shawn’s consistent drive, passion, and perseverance for client success makes him a perfect role model for any sales leadership role.

Dustin Bedward – Enterprise Sales Executive

Every now and then in our careers, we are presented the opportunity to work with a leader who has the ability to make us surpass at what we do. Shawn is one of those rare leaders! Shawn’s energy, intellect, and commitment to the success of his team truly displays in everything that he does! Shawn’s commitment to his team’s success exhibits the data-driven and passion inspired sales leadership needed in the any organization.

Shawn every approach is with honesty, integrity, and an open hand, yet delivering the intensity and clinical mindset so critical to high-stakes enterprise clients. His expertise and thought leadership across broad information technology ecosystem has been a role model. 

Shawn is an endless cheer leader and offers consistent positive coaching considerations across clients and organizations. Shawn brings a strategic yet results oriented perspective to developing and fostering strength across all clients. Shawn is simply an amazing sales leader, and I offer him my highest recommendation.

Ed Dubrovsky CISSP, PMP, MBA, MSc – Cyber-security leader, thinker, speaker and freelance writer

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Shawn on some of the largest Cyber-security projects in Canada. Shawn has proven himself to be a trusted partner to his customers in the truest sense of the word. Shawn’s ability to understand complex enterprise environments allows him to distinguish between “needs” and “wants” and to articulate complex technical concepts in easy to understand terms.

Shawn has an uncanny ability to turn potential customers into loyal customers and friends. Shawn is truly driven in the pursuit of excellence in everything he does, far surpassing peers, targets and goals. Shawn is a great leader and mentor and I have no doubt that Shawn will continue and make significant impact in the industry with much ferocity and a friendly smile.

Philip Brunel – Consulting Solutions Sales Executive

Being a part of Shawn’s team at two organizations, I’ve had the opportunity to appreciate his expertise in every aspect of a complex sales cycle while fostering client relationships. I would categorize Shawn as one of the most talented professionals and effective sales leaders I have ever worked with. He possesses a constant drive that inspires his team to consistently raise expectations as each goal is met.

Shawn’s personality, passion to never fail, and his work ethic shows this each and every day.

Yehuda Ordower – Vice President of Business Development 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shawn over the last 10 years. Shawn is an empowering leader with an eye for detail. He is constantly looking for new and creative ways to further the goals and is a natural, charismatic leader who inspires those around him.

Shawn’s amazing abilities, vision, strategic thinking and high standard of integrity makes Shawn a valuable asset to any organization.

Jaime de Sequera – Chief Information and Financial Officer 

It’s rare that you come across standout professional talent as Shawn.

As a long term client I have had the pleasure of knowing Shawn for over a decade, I’m consistently impressed by his ability to support my organization in the toughest times with integrity, professionalism, and on a consistent basis. For him no problem was insurmountable, finding creative solutions for all our needs and allowing us to fulfill our objectives well beyond our expectations.

As a true leader, Shawn’s only motivation has been to satisfy his clients with superior customer service. His ability to deliver stems from his total dedication to the needs of his customers, effectively aligning his teams and organization to ensure full ownership of his clients’ success.

Shawn’s knowledge of the dynamic information technology landscape and truly understanding our requirements makes him one of the brightest and talented professional leaders I’ve met. Shawn is not only a results driven and loyal perfectionist but also an inspiring professional, an innovative, customer focused leader, and a great inspiration for individuals aspiring to become senior leaders.

With my heartfelt recommendation, Shawn’s driven, yet client focused loyal approach has made him a trusted adviser in this industry, making him a true asset for an organization looking to grow in both competitive landscapes.

Every company has the potential to fail while delivering for it’s clients…Only a company’s ability to retain the best leaders to support clients in the toughest times is what differentiates them from the competition.

Darcy Pawliuk – General Manager and Area Vice President – Public Sector

Shawn is a dynamic Sales leader, with a relentless, results-driven focus to over-achieve on his targets !! He works extremely diligently to improve the performance of his Team, and is tenacious at finding ways to overcome obstacles to achieve the right end result.

Martin Harrod – Senior Solution and Security Architect

In the dynamically shifting world of IT, Shawn Ershad represents the next wave of sales leaders. I had the pleasure to work with him for almost two years and it was inspiring to witness how he managed and motivated a team of extremely talented people to work together to achieve seemingly impossible business objectives. Shawn is the rare kind of sales visionary who can do it all. He can sell. He can develop long-term strategy. Most importantly, he can shape sales teams to drive immensely profitable business opportunities that ALWAYS meet customer expectations.

I have met and worked with many outstanding sales people in my career, yet I seldom come across someone who has as much dedication, integrity, and passion for the craft as he does. It has been my privilege to work with Shawn and it is my sincere hope that I will have the opportunity to do so again in the future.

Denise Pol – Director of Sales 

I’ve know Shawn for over 6 years and know him to be one of those rare sales leaders that inspires his team’s performance as well as works in the trenches to help their sales success.

Shawn is a hard worker and passionate about the company he represents. He’s an ALL IN team player who is a powerhouse revenue generator while keeping an eye on margin profitability. Shawn is the one you can trust and the one you can build strong sales with.

Keith Ponton – Senior IT Operations and Management Executive

Shawn is a consummate sales professional. He has keen business sense, and can quickly sense and act on opportunities. He is a tenacious individual with a strong drive to make his teams successful, and open to feedback to make himself and his teams better.

I would not hesitate to recommend Shawn as a leader for a high performance sales team.